Monday, August 26, 2013

Unforgettable Childhood Memories - Soothing smell

Whenever you hear the words fragrance/smell, you tend to associate that with one or the other experiences which has happened in your life - That is human tendency. When I heard about this smelly to smiley contest, my mind was full of so many memories associated with fragrance which I experience in my day-to-day life. Got a chance to share few of my childhood experiences which I cherish for my lifetime.

Let me start off with my most memorable fragrances ever-

In my locality there is a temple, when I pass through that lane - I get a smell of a mixture of camphor and agarbathi. This fragrance reminds me of my Mom and amazing time spent when I was a kid. When we were kids my Mom used to light Camphor and Agarbathi in the morning and evenings. On getting up in the morning, the fragrance used to make me feel so fresh and must say during exam time(full of tension) this fragrance used me make my mind calm and peaceful. Still can feel that peaceful feeling.

Another fragrance that brings back childhood memories is that of the sweet smell of earth after the first rains on a dry summer day, reminds me of my gum boots and the splashing of water when my sister and me used to return from school during the rains.

Another fragrance of sandalwood reminds me of amazing time spent as a kid - Wonderful days... just miss it!
When I pass on the Gandige angadi( shop which sells all the pooja items) near my house, I get the sandalwood fragrance. Oh wow! that smell is so amazing. When I was a kid, there was a sandalwood tree. We being kids, very naughty - we used to take steel scale and peel the bark of the tree  and it used to smell so amazing. I used to take bits of it and place in my favourite books. Whenever I used to open my books they used to smell really good.

As a Kid, I always loved Cadbury Dairy milk chocolate. The smell of the chocolate used to be so tempting. Earlier, the dairy milk chocolates used to be in shae of cars. After fighting for a chocolate with my sister, I used to open the chocolate to see what kind of car I have got. Oh!! that chocolate smell used to make my mouth water.
Now also sometimes when I prepare chocolate at home, the smell of chocolate reminds me of childhood Ad [remember the ad of Cadbury Dairy milk] - Oh lovely Ads of Dairy milk - it just makes you happy
Remember this Ad of Cadbury Dairy milk ( Just to refresh our childhood memories)

Now being a mother of a kid, makes you feel so special. When I'm applying the Johnson and Johnson Powder on my daughter it brings back memories of my childhood, when I used to run from my Mom each time she wanted to dress me up. Thinking about that it just brings a smile on my face.

Oh what a wonderful memories are associated with these beautiful fragrances. If this contest wouldn't have been there I wouldn't have got a chance to cherish it. All thanks to AmbiPurIndia.

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Fundy Blue said...

Your post evokes so many memories. One of mine is the scent of lilacs in inl fog in Nova Scotia!

Linda R said...

What a wonderful post. I love the smell of rain as well.. And I also love the smell of sandalwood. It is pretty cool how certain smells invoke a memory of our childhood.


Amazing wonders in my life said...

Thanks for your comments..:)

Amazing wonders in my life said...

Thanks Linda... Love to see people's reactions... hope I got people to remember their childhood times thru certain smells/fragrance.

thefisherlady said...

How wonderful to come here and see your very grateful heart ~ the memories you shared here are just precious! I also enjoy the beautiful moments your camera has captured!