Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sunset at Haji Ali - Mumbai

I guess, it's the best view in the evening when you get to watchout Sunset at Haji Ali Dargah
It's so peaceful.. People says whoever makes a wish out here, their wishes comes true.
Hope your wishes also come true in the coming new year...:)

Happy and Prosperous New Year - 2014

Wishing you everyone a Happy and Prosperous New year - 2014
May this coming year brings Happiness and Peace in your life
Enjoy blogging

Can you find 4 differences - P.A.U.S Acitivty

Can you find 4 differences in the below picture?

The answer is
Scroll down for the the answer
  • Man with unclean stubble
  • Expression of the girl
  • Words saying Wow! Who is he? to Eww! What is he?
  • Free is crossed
The answer says it all. Women always admire the clean shaven look.
Beware guys!!! If you are planning to impress any girl, you know what you should do...:)
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Friday, December 27, 2013

Securing my child's future

The moment when my baby was born, a sense of responsibility with the tender love for her made me realise on making her future secured.

There are so many things when I consider her future to be secured - Physically, emotionally, mentally, financially - everything plays a vital role.

Sometimes I think, what will her future be? As the days pass-by, the expenses will gradually increase. Nowadays it becomes difficult to afford anything, nothing comes easily.

If I become a santa and can gift her only 5 things, then I would gift her -

Health - Give her the best nutrition for her growth so that she doesn't fall ill and the best health plan that can help her stay in good health

Emotional - Freedom to take her own decisions, and guide her to take right decision and respect her decisions - this helps her become independant in the long run

Financial - Financially secure her future by investing in real estate that will help her earn a regular income through rent and take some financial policies/FD's which help her financial needs as and when she would require to liquidate it.

Physical - Educate her on sports and group events that would teach her leadership skills and be a teamplayer.

Education - Give her basic education and let her choose her future.

Above all, all I could do is to pray and always be there for her as a pillar of strength and advisor.

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lovely - Yellow Blossom

Eye catchy - Yellow blossom ( Fell in love with this flower)


Monday, December 23, 2013

My Amazing Dove "MAD" Experience

Dove Guessing Game with my best friend

After my marriage I got shifted to Mumbai.. Till my baby was born my only best friend was my husband. But now my baby is my everything - my best friend, my mamma, my granny. We do lot of things during the day. We play, sing, dance - do everything possible together.

My Tiny little best friend is just 2 1/2yrs but she's more fasinated about fashion - loves standing in front of the mirror and dressing up. Though she doesn't have much hair she tries to act like her Mamma. When I put nail polish, she is always ready with her princess chair waiting for her turn. I love photography and she loves it too.

Here is a pic of her, trying her photographic skills with Dove.
Sharing the best pic taken by my daughter
My experience with my daughter is the craziest thing that has happened to me. To be a child with her, reminds me of my childhood days. Singing all her favourite rhymes has become my favourite pasttime, while giving her bath - playing in the water, splashing around... its a feeling just out of the world.

Sometimes she becomes my Mamma and tells me if you dont eat then I will give it to "crowee"... ha ha ha

This relationship between us is irreplaceable. When I'm feeling sad and my husband is not around, she is always there to console me. Her words "Rhea is there naa.." Cute at the same time so mature.

Craziest thing which we did recently is running on the beach and collecting handful of sea-shells and pebbles and making castle for her two ducklings and my poor husband had to carry the baggage while we were having fun...:)

I thought why not try the Dove test with my best friend who I laugh, play, have fun with - My little daughter. She will be the best one to judge. She didn't want the ribbon to be tied but instead I had to wear it and she took the Dove soap.. and started giving me a "bathu bathu".

After making me wash my face she actually complimented me saying "Mamma your skin is so soft". It was an instant and innocent remark.

 (As there was a problem in uploading the video, I uploaded using "Insert image" that made a png file)

This entry is for the contest Guessing game with my friend #DoveFaceTest


Gift for my Daughter

Being a mother, first thing which comes to my mind when I think about my daughter is how I can secure her future.

My daughter is just 2 1/2yrs old but when I ask her what do you want she says I want I-phone. Now itself the demand is so high, then what about in future.

If I become santa and get a chance to gift her 5 things which can secure her future, then I would gift her
  • Education plan from a reputed Insurance company which promises and helps my daughter's education.
  • 2 houses - one for her to stay and the other for renting purpose ( rent money can be used for her needs)
  • Youngstar plan which helps my daughter's need
  • Fixed deposits and "N" number of Jewellery which helps during her marriage
  • Make some property where monthly income can be generated without much hassle.
Most of all, I would take a Insurance plan for myself - If anything happens to me, atleast that money can be of financial help for her future.

This entry is the contest for Blogadda - Playing Santa To Your Child!

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Getting pampered with Natural's spa

Unshaven is Unbathed - women protest against unclean stubble

I was lucky one to get the slot and be a part of 12 special couples who gets pampered by Naturals - India's No.1 hair and beauty salon, where men gets a premium shave with a complete makeover and women gets to enjoy the exotic foot massage with blogging it Live.

salon-mumbai-bloggers (1)

Me and my husband are slotted for 3- 4PM and we were invited by Harish and Blogadda team.
Enjoyed the exotic foot massage and my husband is still on the way of getting makeover.

Hope after the makeover, I can cherish the 8yrs back memories back again.

Unshaven look of my husband gonna get a complete makeover and am waiting for the new look.. Will post soon the snaps of that...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mishap - THE END of my Tablet

Electronics has progressed so much in the last few years and I believe the Tablet is one of the most adorable inventions. It has been a lifesaver since the day I got married... It has helped me in so many difficult tasks and I should clearly mention the one most terrible task "COOKING". It was the first gift from my husband.

I enjoyed each and everyday with my Tablet coz when I was alone, it was always there with me. My second Husband....ha ha ha:)

When my in-laws were about to visit us.. the only option for cooking, was my life saver - TABLET, that helped me with recipes.

But one day tradegy struck and that was my last day with that tablet. It was our 1st Wedding anniversary. I thought, let me surprise him with something special. You know all husbands expect something unique on their anniversary.. though they always seem to forget to wish on that particular day.

When he left for office, I started the preparation for the romantic candle light dinner. I bought some red roses, scented candles, special gifts for him and for the dinner menu... ummm tried to impress him with his favourite food and thought why not also prepare a hot choco lava cake for dessert.

In a place like Mumbai, one can imagine how small a kitchen is, and so I placed my tablet on the window's railing next to the stove so that I could view the recipe properly and started preparing the choco lava cake. I prepared the batter and kept it to bake and for the garnishing started melting  chocolate. Everything was ready on time. Kept everything ready but forgot to remove the tablet which I placed in the kitchen.

(That's Me in my Kitchen)

DING DONG..the door bell rang!! My hubby had returned from his office. With excitment ran to invite him..The moment I opened the door, all of a sudden something happened, a loud noise was heard from the Kitchen. We both ran to the the kitchen. Guess what? Entire kitchen wall was full of chocolate... for a second I was like.. Oh my God!

I thought I will surprise him with the delicious Choco lava cake, but there was another surprise awaiting for both of us . The tablet was no more. Tablet's Glass shield was broken into pieces and had fallen into the boiling water with the coating of chocolate. The entire kitchen was in a mess. Our anniversary night had become a nightmare for us. And that night went in cleaning up the entire kitchen.
This was my mis-adventure with my Tablet. Later he had to buy an another with no other choice.

Better way with Lenova

When I read the review of the Lenova. I was very impressed as it is very easy to use and its battery life of upto 18 hrs is much better than most in the market. The different modes of the tablet seems very ergonomical and useful.


I would like to narrate my personal experience, about my daughter who is just 2 1/2 yrs old but can still use the pad much better than myself. She is pretty good at the educational games and can maneuver through the pad with ease, except that holding it is uncomfortable for her and she needs to keep on re-positioning herself while using it.
(My daughter playing her games)
Drawbacks with the existing one
  • Whenever she tries to hold, it slips due to its weight
  • Whenever she tries to keep it at a tilt, it falls down. In order to make it stand she needs to support it against the wall and hence she is confined to the edges of the room or next to the furniture
  • Everytime it needs to be charged as the battery runs low pretty soon.
With Lenova, all the above drawbacks take a back seat. After reading about Yoga Tablet, I have picturised my daughter having a Better-way and having more fun with it.

Lenova Yoga Tablet - Friendly One, Use it however you wish to.

Stand Mode - Enjoying her favourite cartoons, no need to look for a support.
 Hold Mode - My little angel watching her favourite songs and dancing managing it in her hand
Tilt Mode - Its the best mode for her to tap and play her games.

 And I think the same applies to my husband as well... :)

According to me, an Ideal Tablet would be one which has -
  • User friendly
  • Lite weight - shouldn't be too heavy
  • Within budget and economical
  • Easy modes for viewing
  • Latest technology
  • Water resistant and durable
  • Good battery life
  • Good Front and back camera 

This entry is for the contest Yoga Tablet, for more details visit - facebook.com/LenovoIndia

Monday, December 16, 2013

Leafy effect - Beautiful!!

God has created amazing things on earth. Everytime I passby, I get to see beautiful things around me which normally people tend to miss out..
Beauty - Against the wall

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Zooming On - Rough Texture

Somehow these pics catch my eye...
those tiny bushes

Focus on the Tree with the greenery at the background

Friday, December 13, 2013

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas is coming....

Christmas is much awaited... My daughter is awaited for her gifts from her santa..:)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Highlighting Green

These are few old pics which I had collected few months ago.. Love sharing it

Sunset in Marine Drive - Mumbai

It was awesome view at Marine Drive
Watching Sunset with the cool breeze blowing - Amazing experience
When I see this pic, I feel - it's a painting.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Making women to be stronger

Spark a change - Crime against women

Image courtesy: DNA

Giving education, motivating women, making them believe in themselves, fighting for their rights - All are trying their level best to motivate women but when will she actually get the freedom to live.

I would like to bring out one thing which is most important in this society - Crime against women.
Everyday in the newspaper there are hunderds of stories about women being raped, eve-teasing, assaulted, abortion, murdered for dowry. Enough is enough. How can we bring in change in the system. There are so many laws for these kinds of situations and many campaigns are being run for the justice and to safe guard women in all kinds of situations.

Earlier, elders used to say girls can't step out of their house during the night but now-a-days going out during the day is also a scary situation for a woman.

When you talk about a solution for the issue... Its like a black hole with no end. People need to stop THINK 'ing and start ACT 'ing!!!

According to me, there is only one solution which will be a effective in the long run and yes it will bring about a positive impact on society.

You cannot change a person's thought but bringing awareness and educating Men right from their younger days will bring about a difference. Kids should be taught right from a tender age to respect all people and treat others as they treat themselves. Ideas of a male driven scociety and only men being the bread winner of the family should be discouraged. Now-a-days women are at par with men.

This might be not be work instantly but as it is written time and patience mends broken chords.

Instant solution for the moment
  • Women should be guided to safeguard herselves ( karate or self defence).
  • When women stands for herselves thats when she gets the victory. The more she gets scared, more pain she has to go through.
  • Seek Law of justice.
This is the entry for the contest Stayfree & healthy day contest

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Trying my photographic skills at Church

Trying my photographic skills
Tried capturing Mother Mary focusing on the stair bars

Benches at the church

Tuesday, December 3, 2013