Monday, September 30, 2013

Whole world of kitchen - alien world

When I got married I never imagined that the kitchen would become an alien world to me. I had the feeling of being an ant looking at an elephant.

Exploring this part of the house made me feel like an adventurer but thinking about the task at hand of preparing a meal for around 15 people made me feel like a child labourer.

When my in-laws said the day before that I would have to prepare breakfast and lunch for 15 people. it was a nightmare waiting to happen and I didn't want to get out of bed.

During the night I imagined I was a tiny creature in a gigantic world of the kitchen. All the beasts were hungry starving for food which if I didn't deliver promptly would be "ME".

As I saw around everything seemed to look so big. I could see a giant hallway leading me to the kitchen. All the walls had fruits and vegetables hanging from them as if they were left there to die.

I was ready with my recipe book to combat the cooking monster and had become the warrior queen but i required more of gadgets to defeat the many headed monster. As I headed I found so many gadgets but didn't know how to use it... KNIFE, SCRAPPER, MIXER GRINDER...etc Then I opened my mothers recipies to help me through this ordeal.

When the queen started giving instructions I felt like giving up and call off the war.
I started with the disc dosa for breakfast which turned more of a continental dish as it represented all the continents on earth in shape and size. Entire family got a chance to see almost all the continents without paying a penny.

Next came the Lunch preparation: God save these people

The ingredients were kept in front of me but it looked like Red Monster ( red pumkin), Green python ( snake guord), Green Crocodile (ridge guord), Never knew chillies can be hot spicy till i used it - my fingers got burnt chopping it.

My eyes started pouring streams as soon as I started operation "Onion". I could get a medal for the sincerity I posed at religiously cutting the Onions.

When I picked up mustard seeds they started running away from me as if I was gonna kill them. I took out a knife and ordered the seeds to get into line and back in the pan. The first few did but once they saw themselves getting burnt they decided to jump all over the place except the pan.

After a lot of hard work and a bit of patience with all the instructions I turned to my final gadget for the day, my lifesaver, the "cellphone" and ordered for food. Appraently I got a lot of praises, but that also sealed my fate as the favourite cook of the house.

It is the entry for the contest - I am Explorer

Flight of the Strome

It was a rainy Friday evening and I was looking forward to the weekend to go fishing with my family. I had set up all the plans for Saturday, with my fishing gear, a tent, hiking stove and some quick serve packs in the back of my SUV.

It would be a long way on the main road and so I decided to take a shortcut through the forest. It was a comfy feeling in my Storme even though the roads were pretty bad. Suddenly there was a flash of light and the ground shook, before I could react, the car was falling into a huge pit that was pitch dark and made me feel like moving towards the center of the earth. Then suddenly there was a bright light and as I entered the light, I could see light zipping past me. I read a lot of sci-fi novels and realized that this must be in a wormhole and now I might enter unchartered territories.

Suddenly my heart was in my mouth like in a free fall. The last time I felt like this was when I went bungee jumping, but this was different as there were no ropes attached. I felt my entire world come before my eyes, it was an eerie feeling. Then I hit the ground, but my SUV saved me with its shock absorbers and the safety bags. I was in a state of shock and took sometime to come to my senses. I opened the door and walked outside it was cold and dark with a scary neon glow everywhere. I was scared and decided to get into the car and started looking around. It was a barren land with nothing in sight. As I drove further, I passed an old mansion which was built in the rocks. Entered the place thinking that someone might guide me to find a way out of this hellish place. I got out of the car and started moving towards the mansion, I could feel thousand of eyes looking at me, tracking my every move.

As I moved further, I saw an alien creature which was tall with a flat head and a tail that ended as an arrow. It had a chain in its webbed fingers and at the other end was a Big Black spider that was at least 4 feet tall. It's eyes shone and I realized that I was in trouble. I turned to run just when the creature whistled and from no where, there were thousands of spiders running towards me. I managed to unlock the SUV and jumped into it, shutting and locking the door frantically. My Storme was stormed by hundreds of spiders, no pun intended. I pulled the car behind and started racing, crushing hundreds of spiders under the wheels.

I was suprised that the spiders were still chasing my car, and then realized that I had reached the end of the path. There was a river ahead. I pushed the gas and jumped into the river, I could hear the wheels trying to get a grip on the rocks. Slowly and steadily I accelerated and reached the other side. I got out to see the spiders. As soon as I turned towards them they started moving behind , I thought that they must be disappointed with losing their meal, but I was mistaken. I felt a big blob of slime on my shoulder and when I looked up there was the biggest spider, I had ever seen, looking over me.

I plunged towards the SUV and as I was about to close the door the spider stuck one of its feet into the car.  I slammed the door and his foot got stuck in it. I said to my self what the hell!!! he has so many more legs and started driving off with part of his leg hanging from the door. The spider let out a scream in agony and I could hear hustling in front. If I thought this one was big then ones in front were giants. One of them poked one of their nails on the SUV and it nearly missed me. In this hustle, I accidently hit the blinkers and this had a blinding effect on the spiders. They were in agony, falling dead as I drove past them. As I was speeding, I saw the same light as I had seen before entering the wormhole. It was a couple of kilometers away but all of a sudden in the middle of the path I saw a gang of the flat headed creatures standing there with their lazer guns waiting for me. They started shooting at me and I felt like I was in a James Bond movie missing each fire and drifting from one side to the other. I could see them getting closer and closer and their lazer shots getting nearer and nearer.

In desperation I decided to go off with a bang and hit the horn as loud and long as possible and noticed that it had an effect on the flat heads, who seemed to bloat up and burst due to the sound. As I neared them I noticed one flat head blow a whistle before I crushed him under the wheels.

As I was about to reach my destination of the wormhole, I felt like I was suddenly lifted into the air and was tossed and turned into a spiders web. The car was being spun in a tight web. I noticed that my battery was dying down and wouldn't last for more than a couple of minutes. In a last surge of urgency I stepped on the gas and put on the headlights and pressed the horn all at once. The SUV broke the bounds of the web and as I fell, the hundreds of spiders below acted like a cushion and my SUV zoomed towards the wormhole. I jumped into the wormhole and could see the light zipping across. Then there was light at the other end and I was back. It was a a nightmare that I had come out through with flying colors.

Then suddenly there was a knock on the window and I awoke to my surprise of a carwash person who requested me to stop honking. I was now out of my dream world, with a car-wash bill in my hand.

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Escape into freshness with Ambi pur mini vent Clip

To start of - I never thought I would EVER use Ambi pur mini vent clip, as we do not own a car.
But to my luck, when I ordered for a Ambi pur freshner sample- Sky Breeze for the house, I was delivered Ambi pur mini vent clip- Sky Breeze with an apology letter. When I got it, I was like what am I gonna do with this?

But guess what, the Ambi pur mini vent clip came really handy when we planned for a trip to Lonavala.
We hired a private taxi to our destination, Lonavala, in the monsoons, and the vent clip was just perfect for the trip. The weather outside was pleasant with a slight drizzle and inside the car with Sky Breeze fragrance it was a heavenly experience.

We were all quite excited that we didn't even realise our 3 and 1/2hr journey. The car which we hired was luxurious and the aura was very peaceful.

Once we reached our destination, we freshened up with a hot cup of Tea and were all set for our sight-seeing of lonavala. There are so many beautiful places in and around Lonavala. Me and my husband, both love exploring caves. So we started of with Karla caves. Oh wow! what an amazing place. To visit Lonavala in the monsoons was just heavenly.

I agree, climbing up the hill to reach Karla caves and Bhajra caves in the monsoon with a kid along was a pretty tiring experience.

But to our surprise, my kid truely enjoyed trekking and did it half way climbing. It boosted our spirits of trekking. I agree it was bit exhausting but after reaching the car, the fragrance of the sky breeze and the light music in the car made us feel quite refreshed. Later on we switched to some din-chak music my daughter's favourite, and she was totally engrossed and moving her hands and feet dancing to the tunes. Seeing us one would not ever realize that we had done such a long walk up and down the mountain.

We had some pretty great moments - Eating corn in the rain, got to watch a Peacock in full swing, got a chance to see so many streams, my kid was excited watching her friend the "Snailu" - altogether an amazing experience in Lonavala during monsoons not to forget Ambipur which gave a unique refreshing fragrance which made us feel refreshed throughout the trip.

Thanks to Ambipur, for "mistakingly" sending me the mini vent clip, else I wouldn't have experienced the flavour of it. It added a renewed freshness to our journey. Me and my husband have decided to include different fragrances of Ambi pur vent clips in our next trips.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wandering mind - exploring nature in its way

I wander sometimes, GOD has created such amazing things in our lives which sometimes we ignore to see and learn...
Looks dried up, but still there is a new life inside the tree waiting for the right time

Once bloomed, the flowers might die but there is always a new life waiting(seeds).

Butterflies might live for only 30days but lives to the fullest.

Once they love someone they will never forget them... Man's best friend

Friday, September 27, 2013

Ethnic touch - thru my camera lens

These are my few snaps... which i feel attracted.
Feels very homely.

Always loved lighting Diyas...

Loved these thorans...(hanging flowers)


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sparkling view with the mist

Sometimes I think, my camera is really lucky to get these pics which otherwise will be missed out to watch.
Thoroughly enjoyed taking this breath-taking view - Sparkles all over

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rain Drops - reminds you of childhood days

Whenever I look at the rain, I wonder how it is possible to form so many drops.
Miss my childhood... it is used to be so much fun during rains...  we use to collect all the hail stones which use to fall and enjoy it as if it was an Icecandy.

                                       Whenever I look at this pic.. I feel so peaceful...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Roadside Beauty - Blossoms

Found this beautiful blossom on the road side.
Isn't it eye catching?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Butterflies ...Rare pictures

One day, suprisingly my camera lens found this.... Rare pictures
Butterflies were uninterupted for my camera clicks

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Missing the childhood innocence - Hi-tech world

The other day while watching outside my Gallery I saw something Unusual...
There were two kids pulling the cart ( which they invented all by themselves using a Big Box) and two infants sitting inside that cart and taking a ride.
It was so special for me, coz it reminded me of my childhood. I used to take tyres & stick and play with it as if we are riding a bullock cart.
Sometimes it makes me think where is that innocence gone which we used have as a kids. Nowadays all kids want Hi-tech stuffs including my daughter.  

The infants were not even scared.. they were thoroughly enjoying it. Felt Happy to see the enjoyment what they were having.

Who has money can buy their kids IPad, PSP and much more Hi-tech stuffs which someone else has invented, But who doesn't can't afford  - their kids invent all new stuff all by themselves.