Thursday, March 19, 2015

A day with KidZania

KidZania  - a wonderful concept for kids to know and meet the real world.

"Earning" and "Spending" are the great words which can be learnt all through, along with learning the art of working of different professions.

Glimpse of the rate card

As you enter, you receive the Boarding passes, security bracelets and a cheque of 50 Kidos with the instructions of how to go about.
As it was the first visit to this place, I was more thrilled than my daughter.

The first task was to en-cash the cheque and then as per ones interest you need to earn or spend. No adults were allowed inside the work area.

Yes Bank - where you need to en-cash the cheque

Look - in and around Kidzania

There were so many roles which my daughter loved to play ...



Did shopping by herself 

Played the role of Cashier

Followed the instructions which was given to her by the Chef

Very proud of her 1st achievement which she did all by herself - Delicious Fruit Canape

After earning, its time to relax
Colourful nail paint

This was a proud moment for me, when the lady asked my daughter to make bracelet  - my daughter said "I want to make for my Mamma" and she spent the Kidos to make a bracelet for me.
Whatelse I could ask for more....

There are many more to learn like music, dance and  get to perform as well. It's a worth visit.
Overall, Thanks to Blogadda team and KidZania for organising such a innovative activity. Thoroughly enjoyed the day.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Motivating myself with my loved ones

I hate being guided or given instructions... I love to rule over myself. But some point of time, I want someone to just listen what I have to say and what I feel. I know my people around me care for me and love me but when they start advising me I feel frustrated and get into the mode of depression. 

Initially, I did not know how to come out of it but now I have found a way out. When I feel I need to be motivated I plan for an outing where I get to laugh out loud, play and get to remove my frustration with ease. 

There are so many memorable days, love to share few #together moments

When entire family is met, there is so much of warmth, love and fun - I experienced the real fun recently when I met all my cousins on one of our cousins engagement. It was an unexpected plan to meet after the occasion. It turned out to be huge hit.  Including all the elders of the family, we had a great time. The time brought all beautiful moments #together which we use to spend during our childhood times.

Life is an ongoing process, sometimes we need to pause for a while to rejuvenate ourselves. I got to chat with my cousins who are equally educated and were also in the same boat as I was. We got to share our thoughts and experiences and not to miss out... a fun filled afternoon. 

There was one more an unplanned occasion where my family members planned a quick outing as we had to get back to our schedule in Mumbai

I got to do so many things in that short outing... The bus ride.. I always loved roadside dabba food. My Br0-in-law knew I love that kind of food. So, he took us to eat there while we were on the way to the riverside. That food was so delicious. It brought back the memories of me having with my dad near his office which was situated in a village.

This experience actually motivated me to have a positive approach  "where your own mindset matters". In little time we had, we achieved so much more... fun and #togetherness.

A part of Bird's life... it played an equal importance in my life

Lesson learnt- "#Together we can achieve the impossible thing"

Next to my house, there is a group of Sparrows which build their nest regularly (its a regular place for their little ones). Normally when I'm passing by, these crows wants to attack them, so I chase them away. Apparently that day, I was shocked to see these group of sparrows, the way they chased this crow which came to attack their little ones. I learnt a lesson there... Whether you are big or small, size doesn't matter - if you have a firm mind with determination anything can be achieved being #together.

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Bake ME a cake

Baked an eggless chocolate cake

Friday, March 13, 2015

My "Challenging" New Life

Actually when I read the question "Tell us about a time when you took a bold step, and brought about a big change in your own life". For a moment, I couldn't figure out what was happening in my life.

This question was never asked to me and now when I look back.. so many questions raises in my mind like Am I the one who used to be shy, scared, humble etc.

One move can actually change a person's life, the answer is true when it comes to me. There are so many hurdles in one person's life but to over come is the biggest challenge.
I would like to narrate my own story where it took lot of guts(which I realised while answering to the question) to reach where I am now.

I'm a South-Indian who loves almost all traditional occasions, love exploring small little things like making flower garlands, decorating the house entrance with rangoli and diyas etc. These were few interest which I would love to do apart from my daily activities.

One day, it happened to be like the marriage proposal had come for me. I'm a person who always wanted to get married to a person whom I know before in hand( that point of time, we were not allowed to do that and for my fate I did not have any "boyfriend" but had many friends). I think this was the turning point in my life which actually changed my life completely.

Apparently I got to chat with my best friend about this issue. Even for him, a little twist in his life, got to meet many but did not click anywhere. This was the life changing conversation which I realise now.

While chatting with him, he asked me I know you so well and why don't we get married to each other as we know each other so well. I was certainly not expected such a diplomatic question from him.
But when I thought about, I was like he is my best friend and getting married to a known person would be better than an unknown person. At that point of time, Marriage was the only word which was bothering me but never knew so many hurdles are attached to it.

A little info about my best friend -
My Best Friend - Many breakups, Non-veg eater(I'm a Pure veggie), love gadgets(I hate too many gadgets), loves fiction movies (I hate those... :(  ), last but not the least Christian ( Me.... Jain)

This Marriage was no less than a Roller-coaster  ride. Initially, to accept each others daily routine, accepting family members, respecting each others thoughts was bit tough and challenging but nothing comes in easy way out. Little sacrifices, lots of love, trust and faith made our living beautiful. Mumbai city changed the way of thinking and living. Now, I'm respected for who I am.

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Positive ME

I always believed in being positive. But  when I met the real world, I was shocked to see the truth. 
It was my first job. I never thought Corporate world would be so different. I encountered so many negativity. Each time I use to feel why people become so selfish and as the days passed I encountered few more, it was more a routine visual.

One day, I happened to read a post on Facebook. It said "You can't change anyone,but yourself". I was a Optimist person due to work environment I had become a Pessimist. This post actually was a eye opener for me. After that day, I started looking at the things differently in a positive way. Positive wibes changes the whole mood of the other person who intend to do something wrong.

Here are few mantras for staying positive
  • Change Yourself
  • Believe in yourself
  • Think optimistic (positive result)
  • Smile 
  • Stay away from the Negative thoughts/ person
  • Spread the word of being positive and help those who is in need
  • Spend some quality time with family,friends and pets
There are so many instances where I got positively inspired, Would like to share few of them- 

Firstly with my daughter - The time which I spend with the daughter is a real stress-buster. So much of positive energy is filled around her. When I'm with her, I tend to forget all the tensions. I get to learn so many lessons from her. When I go to her school and meet her friends, its a bundle of positive and innovative thoughts. They are the future treasure, if we nurture them in the right way we get the whole nation with right aspects.

Road side Hero - Once, I had gone pick up some forms. As we were standing in the line, I got to see something strange. Baby Pigeon was attacked by many Crows. Everyone including me couldn't do anything much for the little one but from that crowd there was one teenager who saved that baby pigeon. I asked him"what are you going to do now?"His answer was"Birds would not accept them,so I'm taking with me". Lesson learnt - don't bother what will  happen.

The ability of a winner Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam -  In his press conference, due to imbalance he slipped off the stage. All the media & press were interested in how he fell down but one of the odd showcased how he got up gracefully after the fall. This shows the positive approach which we always fail to watch.

These are few positive people who has inspired me and waiting to meet many more in future. Only thing is keep our minds open and get inspire with the right spirit.

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