Friday, January 3, 2014

A Focused Decision - Vote Now

The beauty of the current generation is that there is so many technologies connecting people thus making the world a smaller place. But still these technologies are rarely being used for the benefit of society.  Now-a-days communicating with people in varied geographies is easy at the click of a few buttons.

Each new social application created is giving a new platform for new ideas to come together. Common sense is now truely common with the help of technology.

Using social applications to educate people by presenting the social issues like - corruption, injustice, poverty, etc as views on threads or sites has become a common platform. We can educate people by not condemming politicians but by promoting individuals who actually make a difference in society by their selfless deeds.

Even the visual media tends to work on peoples inquisitiveness by presenting a one-sided view of the person/government highlighting the negatives.
Indian General Elections 2014 with WeChat!
Social media apps on the other hand can be used to focus on the positives of the desired candidates rather than the negatives of the undesired candidates. This would create a more forward driven mentality and will definately help in creating a progressive society.

As a part of this revolution I would use blogging/mobile applications to take care in promoting the right candidate for the initiatives taken by the person and results achieved. A simple SMS or a clip of some good deed has a viral effect in this age of technology. This would be a real inspiration for the developed youth in society to take the right decisions.

                                                           "VOTE NOW"

This entry is for the contest #VoteForIndia "Indian General Elections 2014 with social mobile apps" by WeChat

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Indrani said...

Short and crisp, the message is there. All the best Rekha!