Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Little Friends

When you live in a place like Mumbai, finds it difficult to have close-bonding with the nature.
So, I have created a little garden which my little one gets to connect with the nature by watching green chillies, curry leaves and some flowers growing in our garden.

When I read books for her, question arises how will she be connected with the pictures given in the book as it is hard to find those in reality.

In our childhood times, we actually learnt things through reality than in books. So, whenever I go out with her, I ensure to explain things which is around us. I believe, a little effort of introducing to nature can bring in a positive change in their creative thinking.

Here are few pics when we got a chance to visit a village near Alibagh. She was very enthusiast and got a chance to watch all of her friends.. :)

Busy talking to her friend - little chick ( she wanted to bring him home)

Watching Ox - Ambaa(in her language)

Chasing Rooster.. :)

Surprising look at Banana tree... yummy bananas too... (she was relating to her book..followed by firing of questions)

Rare view for us in reality... Banana tree with Bananas

Was very happy to touch papaya... chutti tree

Experiencing the touch of the flower

Chickoos..... Special ones, her favorite fruit!!
Lastly, posing with the white onions...
All thanks to my neighbour, who invited us to visit their place to explore the nature and get reconnected.

We being parents, from our busy schedule, if we can give the precious moments of time in educating them about nature and help them build their childhood , they will cherish it for the lifetime as we cherish our childhood times.

This entry is for the contest Nature's Friend by Kissan in association with Indiblogger.


Midnight scribbles said...

Aww she's super cute :D:D

Bhawya Sankar said...

Very Nice.. I guess ur Kid had a great time there.. All pics are beautiful. ATB:)

The Sage Butterfly said...

Those special days of discovery with a child are certainly amazing. She is so adorable. :)

Rick said...

Children are children - all over the world. Very good of you to take her out and introduce her to the real world! Books can only take her so far.

Linda said...

She is so sweet!

Charlene N.K. said...

That's a fine way to get close to nature. Good you have that desire to train your little one to love nature. You're doing well. Thanks for sharing.