Monday, September 30, 2013

Escape into freshness with Ambi pur mini vent Clip

To start of - I never thought I would EVER use Ambi pur mini vent clip, as we do not own a car.
But to my luck, when I ordered for a Ambi pur freshner sample- Sky Breeze for the house, I was delivered Ambi pur mini vent clip- Sky Breeze with an apology letter. When I got it, I was like what am I gonna do with this?

But guess what, the Ambi pur mini vent clip came really handy when we planned for a trip to Lonavala.
We hired a private taxi to our destination, Lonavala, in the monsoons, and the vent clip was just perfect for the trip. The weather outside was pleasant with a slight drizzle and inside the car with Sky Breeze fragrance it was a heavenly experience.

We were all quite excited that we didn't even realise our 3 and 1/2hr journey. The car which we hired was luxurious and the aura was very peaceful.

Once we reached our destination, we freshened up with a hot cup of Tea and were all set for our sight-seeing of lonavala. There are so many beautiful places in and around Lonavala. Me and my husband, both love exploring caves. So we started of with Karla caves. Oh wow! what an amazing place. To visit Lonavala in the monsoons was just heavenly.

I agree, climbing up the hill to reach Karla caves and Bhajra caves in the monsoon with a kid along was a pretty tiring experience.

But to our surprise, my kid truely enjoyed trekking and did it half way climbing. It boosted our spirits of trekking. I agree it was bit exhausting but after reaching the car, the fragrance of the sky breeze and the light music in the car made us feel quite refreshed. Later on we switched to some din-chak music my daughter's favourite, and she was totally engrossed and moving her hands and feet dancing to the tunes. Seeing us one would not ever realize that we had done such a long walk up and down the mountain.

We had some pretty great moments - Eating corn in the rain, got to watch a Peacock in full swing, got a chance to see so many streams, my kid was excited watching her friend the "Snailu" - altogether an amazing experience in Lonavala during monsoons not to forget Ambipur which gave a unique refreshing fragrance which made us feel refreshed throughout the trip.

Thanks to Ambipur, for "mistakingly" sending me the mini vent clip, else I wouldn't have experienced the flavour of it. It added a renewed freshness to our journey. Me and my husband have decided to include different fragrances of Ambi pur vent clips in our next trips.


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