Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Can you make a Difference? - Do Right

Doing Right - An Initiative by TATA Capital :
This Half Story is about helping hearing impaired and mute kids find a creative way of expressing themselves
The other new half stories can be done by donating or by sharing, reposting, and forwarding. Or by getting involved, inspired or just staying connected.


The journey of Doing right reaches remote areas around India where a thousands of smile are awaiting for a magical moment in their lives. Reaching the needy around the place and making their other half stories a Happy ending, This is the motive of Doing Right.

This time - It's Mumbai: Koshish, a School for Deaf and Mute kids

A Story of Koshish & little Do right - initiated by TATA Capital
In a quaint corner of Mumbai, they discovered a school humbly titled Koshish, where ENT Dr. Ajay Kothari (trustee) trains deaf and mute kids to find their voice and encourages them to celebrate their beautiful world! This school epitomises the city’s never-say-die spirit – with the teachers here trying to enable them to speak through different methods like graph method, lip reading, touching the throat to figure out the vowel sounds. Through lip reading, some kids can understand conversations even while they are on different floors.

In their effort to give their Half Story a happier ending, they decided to give Koshish 2 cameras for the school, costing Rs. 31,500/- so that students at Koshish get a chance to discover a new voice, one that has the power to speak a thousand words, one that will encourage them to dream in a city like Mumbai. This could probably enable the school to include photography in their vocational training.

Inspite of everything being right, by the grace of God, we grumble for little things. For a change, can we make a little difference in ones life by lending our hands with a little penny which can bring a thousand smiles

Have 1min 20sec?

If you wish to help complete their Half Story, you can contribute an amount or tell your friends about this story. Let the voice be heard!!!

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