Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Photography - Capturing The Moment

(Image Courtesy: think-space.co.uk)

Photography - a subject which I would love to pursue

I would like to do my BA (Hons) in Photography from University for Creative Arts , Famham UK as they promise that their photography courses have a distinguished record and produce award-winning photographers. They offer the opportunity to study photographic practice, theory and history in the broadest possible context.

 (Image courtesy :UCA Famham)

I Believe, a person gains much knowledge if she enjoys the subject.

A picture says it all. Pictures can capture the different emotions of life - happiness, fun, excitment, sadness that unites us together. Photographs can be used to express ones emotions and talents.

There are "n" number of learnings in Photography - to get the perfect picture we need to acquire the right kind of knowledge. The growth in techonology has proved to be a boon in photography. There is a vast scope for photography, right from Fashion, Media, Arts, Landscapes to every occasion that brings joy.

It is so fasinating to see the varieties of lenses used. Every lens used has a different effect in itself. I have managed to understand a bit of the tactics of using DSLR cameras, but still feel like its just the tip of the iceberg.

After researching on UK Universities with the best curriculum in Photography, I found University for Creative Arts interesting and it provides different courses in Photography

UCA Farnham

UCA Rochester

Along with the education, they provide facilities like accomodation, chance to earn while you pursue your studies.

Some of the key topics that interest me are:
  • Studio practice
  • Micro/Macro Photography
  • Professional Skills and Work experience
  • Public Exhibitions and Blogging
  • Development of historical and theoretical knowledge

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This is a very different take on the entire contest. Nicely done!
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