Saturday, March 15, 2014

Renewing Relationships

When I watched the video from British Airways, I too felt the same. As years have passed the two of us are now three, we have a beautiful daughter. Living in a city like Mumbai its only work and no time for one's self or family.

As my husband works 6 days a week. When he leaves for work our 2 and half year old daughter is sleeping and by the time, he reaches home my daughter is again fast asleep. We only get one sunday together but its filled with household work. Every Sunday one of the hottest topic at our home is on family time. I dont want my daughter to grow having a weak bond with her parents.

When I got married, since we are not a nuclear family, we rarely got any private time between ourselves. The emptiness in the relationship grew over a period of time and soon as they say in mumbai, you get used to it and accept it as a part of life. Now with my daughter, I wanted my hubby to have a special bond where he would get to enjoy his fatherhood apart his office work and tensions.

I actually planned a quick and short vacation which was just 2 nights and 3 days to Lonavala. That was the turning point in our lives and I could actually see the difference in him. There was a spark in our relationship, as well the bonding with my daughter was vibrant. After this trip, there was no turning back, he now himself plans short vacations so that he can spend more time with us. Madikeri and Goa were other two memorable trips that came later. These trips actually made us realise the importance we play in each other's life.
My daughter loves adventures. Trekking, beaches, visiting wild sanctuaries have become part of our itinerary. She has been an inspiration for us to enjoy nature and nourish our relationship as parents.


This is the entry for the contest - Go futher to get closer by British Airways


Linda W. said...

Good for you for making family time a priority! Your daughter will reap the benefits of time with her father. Nice family pics!

barbara l. hale said...

It is so important to take time together as a family as you say. I'm glad you are getting to do that even if it is only for short times. Good luck and I sure hope you win!!

Gumer Paz said...

Bonito relato! y muchas gracias por compartirlo con nosotros.
Un abrazo desde España para los tres