Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Travelling Smart

I'm an adventurous person by nature who loves travelling to different places. I have found the most memorable camping trips that I have done, have been with a good early planning.

To plan for my trips I usually have to visit multiple sites to define my itinerary.
Pointers that make my trip
1> Travel - by road, train or air in that preference, as I have found that I make good friends during my journeys
2> Homely stay - as I have been to some big hotels but with minimal human interaction
3> Sight-seeing - itineraries to roam about when I have settled both tourist places and untapped territories
4> Food - I am a vegetarian and have a taste for spicy food. I often have to roam about before I can find a decent veg-restaurant or else I have to make do with some snacks
5> Local travelling - rentals or public transport
6> Not to forget the most important "Shopping" - I love picking the local art / traditionals items as memories of my journeys.

All these things have to be in my specified budget, which brings me to the need for checking various sites that offer good deals.

When I heard the name Skyscanner for the first time, I thought it might be useful for building my itinerary and so browsed along to get to know whether it would be easy and useful for my future bookings I was impressed to look at the results but the car rentals was a bit disappointing.

When it is related to booking flights and hotels, its a fantastic platform where you can compare and choose the best price at one glance. Besides I was impressed with the smart search option where I could find reasonable fares for the whole year. You can either choose by airlines or by the city whichever is relevant.

I decided to try and build my itinerary to Goa using the Skyscanner site.

For example I could get the entire list of flights associated with the different travel agents that showed the pricing difference.

Recent search for impressive and very useful

Hotels with Map/List was useful

Hotels Reviews and Deals helped me to decide

Car Rentals was bit disappointing as I mentioned earlier coz of the Driver's age which is mandatory for booking

[Enlarge the snapshot for better actual review]

P.S. - Overall an excellent site in terms of comparison and getting good deals for Flight and Hotel Bookings. But, unsatisfactory in terms of Car Hire.

This is my entry for the contest by skyscanner

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Sounds like a great tool for the traveler. Have a happy day!