Friday, March 13, 2015

My "Challenging" New Life

Actually when I read the question "Tell us about a time when you took a bold step, and brought about a big change in your own life". For a moment, I couldn't figure out what was happening in my life.

This question was never asked to me and now when I look back.. so many questions raises in my mind like Am I the one who used to be shy, scared, humble etc.

One move can actually change a person's life, the answer is true when it comes to me. There are so many hurdles in one person's life but to over come is the biggest challenge.
I would like to narrate my own story where it took lot of guts(which I realised while answering to the question) to reach where I am now.

I'm a South-Indian who loves almost all traditional occasions, love exploring small little things like making flower garlands, decorating the house entrance with rangoli and diyas etc. These were few interest which I would love to do apart from my daily activities.

One day, it happened to be like the marriage proposal had come for me. I'm a person who always wanted to get married to a person whom I know before in hand( that point of time, we were not allowed to do that and for my fate I did not have any "boyfriend" but had many friends). I think this was the turning point in my life which actually changed my life completely.

Apparently I got to chat with my best friend about this issue. Even for him, a little twist in his life, got to meet many but did not click anywhere. This was the life changing conversation which I realise now.

While chatting with him, he asked me I know you so well and why don't we get married to each other as we know each other so well. I was certainly not expected such a diplomatic question from him.
But when I thought about, I was like he is my best friend and getting married to a known person would be better than an unknown person. At that point of time, Marriage was the only word which was bothering me but never knew so many hurdles are attached to it.

A little info about my best friend -
My Best Friend - Many breakups, Non-veg eater(I'm a Pure veggie), love gadgets(I hate too many gadgets), loves fiction movies (I hate those... :(  ), last but not the least Christian ( Me.... Jain)

This Marriage was no less than a Roller-coaster  ride. Initially, to accept each others daily routine, accepting family members, respecting each others thoughts was bit tough and challenging but nothing comes in easy way out. Little sacrifices, lots of love, trust and faith made our living beautiful. Mumbai city changed the way of thinking and living. Now, I'm respected for who I am.

This post is for Start a New Life


Midnight scribbles said...

oh how sweet! a life changing question indeed :)

Indiawilds said...

Good that you took that step without fearing for the consequences. So today you are proud of yourself. God Bless!