Thursday, March 19, 2015

A day with KidZania

KidZania  - a wonderful concept for kids to know and meet the real world.

"Earning" and "Spending" are the great words which can be learnt all through, along with learning the art of working of different professions.

Glimpse of the rate card

As you enter, you receive the Boarding passes, security bracelets and a cheque of 50 Kidos with the instructions of how to go about.
As it was the first visit to this place, I was more thrilled than my daughter.

The first task was to en-cash the cheque and then as per ones interest you need to earn or spend. No adults were allowed inside the work area.

Yes Bank - where you need to en-cash the cheque

Look - in and around Kidzania

There were so many roles which my daughter loved to play ...



Did shopping by herself 

Played the role of Cashier

Followed the instructions which was given to her by the Chef

Very proud of her 1st achievement which she did all by herself - Delicious Fruit Canape

After earning, its time to relax
Colourful nail paint

This was a proud moment for me, when the lady asked my daughter to make bracelet  - my daughter said "I want to make for my Mamma" and she spent the Kidos to make a bracelet for me.
Whatelse I could ask for more....

There are many more to learn like music, dance and  get to perform as well. It's a worth visit.
Overall, Thanks to Blogadda team and KidZania for organising such a innovative activity. Thoroughly enjoyed the day.

This post is a part of the KidZania bloggers meet activity conducted by BlogAdda and KidZania

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Michelle said...

What a wonderful experience for her!