Thursday, November 28, 2013

Island Pineapple Breezer

MY TEAM: Island Pineapple

BACARDI BREEZER - ISLAND PINEAPPLEBreezer Catch the Flavour - screenshot thumbnail

R My personal
E favourite Island
E Pineapple - the
Z sweet and tangy taste
E gives a twist to
R the taste buds

The Island Pineapple flavour gets you into the mood and so its my favourite. It's the coolest thing to have on a sunny day on a Beach. This flavour reminds me of the monsoon season, when my Dad is to get those riped pineapple which had sweet and tangy taste. Island Pineapple reminds me of that moment which we used to spent together as family.

Apart from that, when you go to places like Goa  - with the Beach, Breezer and Best friends, what more you could ask for.

Goan Beaches bring to mind - hot Sun, Coconut trees, Goan songs played on guitars, hand crafted hats, sand castles, playing throwball and the list goes on. To make it a perfect vacation - a Breezer in hand.

Sharing few of the moods with Island Pineapple Breezer
Walking on the Beach in that silent whispers of the waves with Breezer in hand takes you into another world altogether 
Relaxing on the chair watching the sunset with a breezer in hand - its the coolest thing.
Playing pool with friends in a shack along the beach, with the warm sea breeze hitting you and sipping on your bacardi breezer - Awesome thing to happen
Dancing on the dance floor with friends with a breezer in hand gives a high on life


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Meghana Hassan said...

Wishes for the contest, Rekha...

Canary said...

No no no Jamiacan passion is best ;) :D

haha, good post! good luck...

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