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My Grandma's Remedies for Babycare

Being a Mother of a little angel is an amazing feeling which can only be felt not explained. But I would love to share my experiences that I had in the early days of her arrival.
Everything was a new experience to me, as a mother. I remember her first cry and how I had goosebumps and an immediate sense of caring, reponsibility and parenting. Initial days were hectic with very little sleep but the innocense in my baby's eyes drove out all tiredness.

Early days are very crucial for a new born. As they are out of the womb, they feel scared of the entire environment, its a new world to them. A warm hug gives them a feeling of security. My Amma says once the baby hears their Mother's heartbeat, they feel secured. Jaadu ki jaapi..:)

As my mother was there along with me, her experience gave me encourangement to handle the situations. She used to tell me that when we were kids how my grand-mom used to give her remedies.

For the good development of your baby, the environment surrounding the baby should be clean and hygienic as it impacts the growth. As per research baby can actually start reading when they are 6 mths old. I have tried it too, it actually works but takes time. Being a mother, you need to communicate more with the child. The more you communicate they react more.

I would love to share my experience with my gradma's remedies, hope it helps the would-be mother and new-born mamma's to take care of her little ones.

When babies are born, they initially pass black/green potty, I was initially scared but was informed that, that was normal.

Below are the few of the MAGIC Traditional knowledge and natural growth ingredients / remedies which I used for my baby, that helped her be in good health

Breast milk - is most important for every child. It has got miraculous thing in itself.
  • When a baby gets an eye infection, breast milk can be used as a cure(1-2 drops each).
  • If baby is suffering from cold or a nose congestion, breast milk can be used like nostril drops(2drops each) which helps the baby get relief.
Apart from this breast milk, I used to use Solvin drops which helped my daughter from her blocked nose (as per doctor's suggestion in extremely rare cases).

Sunlight - a great source of vitamin D. When baby is born they require sufficient vitamin D which can be sourced from sunlight. Early morning mild sunlight between 7 & 8 does the trick and is softer on the babies skin. This can also reduce the chances of the baby getting Jaundice.

Badam oil - Massage the entire body with warm badam oil, this helps the baby to get stronger physically. I had used Badam oil then, but my daughter is 2 and 1/2 years old now.

One of my friend who is blessed with an angel suggested Dabur Lal tail for massage. As per her, it is very good for the Babies as it includes ayurvedic ingredients.

Dabur Lal Tail
Hing and Water - 1 pinch of Hing with few drops of water. Apply on the baby's stomach, this helps with stomach aches. Now-a-days doctor's are advicing not to use Gripe water, due to side effects.

Castrol oil and beetel leaf - If baby is having Constipation and Gastric problem, the remedy is to take beetle leaf, make small cuts in the leaf using your finger nails and apply castrol oil on it. Warm it over a candle flame. Then place it on the Baby's stomach. doing for 5-10 mins a day helps. (Note : check the heat over the leaf, shouldn't be too hot)

Sugar and Salt water - Instead of ORS, Take 1/2 cup of warm water and to that add 1/2 sugar and a pinch of salt. This helps to get rid of dehydration.

Olive oil - Helps the hair to grow thick and black

Turmeric - It can be used for cough and cold. you can add a pinch of turmeric in the milk that the baby consumes or take a 1/2 spoon of honey with a pinch of turmeric powder giving once a day reduces cough and cold.

Ragi, Rice, veg soup - once the baby completes 5mths, gradually the solid food can be started ( one at a time, have to wait patiently till your baby gets adjusted to - giving 4-5spns to cup of food takes about a month to get adjusted)

Juices - To see, all the fruits are good. Initially, introduce with Pomogranate juice which helps to increase Hemoglobin, Orange juice helps to nourish their skin. ( Note: Introduce once baby completes 5mths)

Teething  - Daanth patti (tie around the neck) which is available at the Chemist helps the baby to get relief of the pain. People says its Myth but it actually works. When they are teething gums pain and they feels like chewing something hard.

Nilgiri oil - a couple of drops on the babies clothes. It helps the baby avoid get infections.

Garlic - If ear pain occurs, crush garlic and add it to the 1tsp of hot coconut oil and once it becomes warm , apply surrounding to ear ( Note : do not put inside the ear, even doctors advice against putting oil in babies ears)
Ajwain - Ajwain is very good for cold and cough.
  • If your baby is suffering from chest cold and cough. Just add 1/2tsp of ajwain in a pan till it starts cracking and then add 1/2 cup of water with sufficient jaggery and bring to boil. Give your baby the water twice a day.
  • Hot Ajwain in a cloth can be given as a warm fermentation. Give the fermentation on the kids chest, forehead and ear areas. The ajwain smell relieves chest congestion.( Note: Shouldn't be too hot , have a check before you put on the baby's body)

Chandan  - You should ideally shave your kids hair twice for thick growth. On shaving put chandan on their head to keep it cool.

Camphor - During monsoon and winter season, before oiling your baby add a pinch of camphor in the oil, it helps your baby not to catch cold. After the bath put a pinch of camphor powder on the babies chest and under the feet.

Jaiphal/Nutmeg powder - Adding a pinch a Jaiphal Powder with 1/4 tsp of honey - helps the baby to improve their taste buds and also jaiphal with a tsp of water, applied on the stomach helps the baby to get rid of Stomach ache

Along with this I would like to insist few of the DON'Ts , hope it helps you
  • Do not introduce walkers, this doesn't help the baby to have a proper growth
  • Don't use gripe water instead use home remedies
  • Don't try to many things on your baby at one time
  • Do not remove the mucus from the throat that the massage lady normally does. This can affect the vocal cords and could be injurious.
  • Do not Pierce the Baby's ear before the baby completes 5mths as if infection happens, medication cannot be provided.
Thanks a lot for Dabur Lal Tail as they gave me a chance to cherish few wonderful moments which I spent with my baby while writing this blog post.

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