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Natural Protection and Remedies for Kids

To build the immune system of kids, there are few simple things in our day-to-day activities that needs to be taken care off. Along with this, being a mother, I would like share my knowledge with few of the remedies that can be helpful.
Four sections I would like to advice on the growth of kids
  • Firstly, guiding with the products which gives nutritive values that helps the kids growth
  • Secondly, Ideas to feed your kids with nutritious and delicious food
  • Thirdly, few Home remedies for your kids
  • Lastly, few of the DON'Ts or things to avoid

Guiding with the products which gives nutritive values that helps the kids growth
All the things like Food, Clothing, hygiene surrounding matters for their immune growth.

 Food : With a proper diet you can build the immune system of the kid. Following are few list of ingredients which is filled with Nutritous value like Vitamins, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Calcium, Minerals, Fibre.
  • Breast milk - It's full of nutrients and protects the baby from flu.
It can be used as the eye drops if a baby has eye infection. When there is nose congestion put 2 drops in each nostril. This is the best natural remedy.
  • Vegetables – Everyday vegetables that we use such as, Onions, carrots, radish, Beetroot, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Lady's finger, Pumpkin, Sweet Potatoes,Cabbage,Green Leafy vegetable - Spinach, methi all have some or other benefits.
Whenever you use these vegetables once you wash the vegetables add salt and soak it for a while. by doing this all the pesticides in the vegetables can be removed to a great extent. These vegetables are high in fibre, vitamins, proteins, Carbohydrates which helps to increase their immune system
  • Dairy Products - Milk, Curd, Cheese (not too much of intake ), Paneer, Soya tofu
  • Fruits - Orange, Watermelon, Apple, Muskmelon, Pomogranate, Chikku ,Banana, Papaya
  • Dal & Pulses – Red rice/brown rice, Dal & Pulses n sprouts of all kind, Oats, Wheat, Sabudana.
  • Fluids – Water most important one, Fresh Juices/buttermilk/ milk shakes as supplements
  • Dry fruits – Almonds, Cashew, Raisin, Pistachoe, figs ( good for motion), Dates ( good in iron content), apricot
Listing these ingredients are easy but when it comes to feeding the kids it is the biggest task. Taste matters. You need to put on your thinking cap and make delicious dishes for them.
Clothing, Hygienic surroundings - There are few other things which also matters
  • Cleanliness  - house should be clean and tidy
  • When kids play and come they should wash their hands with a good sanitizer
  • When feeding the infants utensils/ bottles should be properly sterilised
  • Apply mosquito repellent for prevention against malaria, dengue, etc.
  • Sufficient good sleep
  • Kids should be guided if they sneeze to cover their nose and mouth with a hanky
  • Wash their hands before a meal.
  • Washing their clothes with a few drops of Dettol.
  • Washing the floor with little dettol and lemon oil helps to reduce the germs that spread in the house.
Ideas to feed the kids with nutritious food

Nowadays kids are very fussy about homemade food. They are more into junk items like pizza, pasta, burgers etc. There has to be a real good presentation of the meal in order to make them have at home.

Here are few suggestions to add nutritive food to your food chart of the kids
  • If your kid doesn’t like any particular vegetable,say capsicum make a fine chop of that vegetable and add their favourite vegetable or can add a little cheese on it. They actually cannot notice that and slowly acquire the taste.
  • A fine powder of dry fruits and can be mixed with cornflakes or any other eatables that your kids prefer, along with bread and jam sprinkle this powder on the bread.
  • Fresh juice, if they dislike any particular fruit add it in their favourite juice (not too much otherwise they realize it) Gradually, it will get them to appreciate the taste.
  • To milk shakes and smoothies, adding fresh fruits with honey and dry fruits gives a power punch to their immune system.
  • Sprouts, vegetables, paneer/cheese can be stuffed in the atta and make stuffed parathas which can ensure that a good diet is attained. With dry fruits and little dry cocunut you can make yummy parathas
  • Soups – adding little garlic and ginger with fresh vegetables with readily available soups also makes a nutritious diet.
  • Mix sabudana, oats with some boiled vegetables and make them into cutlets, put it in a burger bun with little tomato ketchup. Kids will love it.
  • Boil some sweet potatoes add sweet corns, grated carrot, spinach – use wheat breadcrumbs and shallow fry it and make tasty nuggets for your kids.

For eg: My daughter doesn’t like much of curd, so what I did was to blend the curd, fresh fruits with honey and some sugar with dry fruits and put it into a container(which we had recently got when we purchased a smoothie) She felt that I had bought it from the store and loved it.

See to it that you include sprouts at least twice a week, You can make varieties using vegetables, dry fruits, fruits, chocolates – Think like kids then automatically your cooking becomes easy for you.

Home Remedies using natural ingredients

It is normal, kids fall Sick. It could be either because someone at school or in family is ill. How much ever careful you are, they still fall sick.

Here are few magical home remedies which can help to control the illness

Note : Magic Natural Ingredient

Nilgiri oil- Putting a few drops of nilgiri/eucalyptus oil on the shirt collar/ hand key which they use helps them against the germs which spread

Dabur chyawanprash helps your kid to gain immunity.

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Cough and cold
  • Having  Ajwain water (hot water of ajwain with Jaggery) helps reduce the cough and cold. Giving Ajwain hot fermentation using cloth also gives a great relief in case of chest cold.
  • Having a pinch of Turmeric with ½ tsp of honey gives a relief to cough and cold. And adding turmeric powder in the milk helps to reduce the cold.
  • Having ginger water with jaggery helps to reduce cold
  • Kadisakar ( camphored sugar rock) should be given - its good for cold

  • Take a pinch of saffron with 8-10 tsp of water, bring to boil and then add jaggery, giving this every 3hours 1 tsp of that syrup brings down the fever
Stomache & Gastric

  • A pinch of hing with a few drops of warm water applying near the stomach area reducing the stomache
  • Stomach upset – having fenugreek seeds(swallow 2-3 seeds) with buttermilk helps to reduce the upset in the stomach,
  • Warm water lemon juice and buttermilk helps to reduce the acidity
Ear Pain
  • Crush garlic and put it in the hot oil. Once it is warm apply surrounding to ear ( not inside the ear) gradually pain reduces
  • Crushing the fresh ginger and apply that juice over the forehead and resting for 15-20mins helps to reduce the headache.
  • Fresh fruit juice with some glucose added helps them to rejuvenate their body

Here are few DON'Ts, hope it helps
  • Don't use Maida instead use Wheat-atta while making white sauce for pasta
  • Instead of Sugar, use Brown -sugar or it can also be replaced by Jaggery
  • Instead of Maida pastas/noodles use Semolina / wheat which is much recommended
  • If your kid likes pizza, use Wheat base instead of Maida for the pizza 

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