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Mishap - THE END of my Tablet

Electronics has progressed so much in the last few years and I believe the Tablet is one of the most adorable inventions. It has been a lifesaver since the day I got married... It has helped me in so many difficult tasks and I should clearly mention the one most terrible task "COOKING". It was the first gift from my husband.

I enjoyed each and everyday with my Tablet coz when I was alone, it was always there with me. My second Husband....ha ha ha:)

When my in-laws were about to visit us.. the only option for cooking, was my life saver - TABLET, that helped me with recipes.

But one day tradegy struck and that was my last day with that tablet. It was our 1st Wedding anniversary. I thought, let me surprise him with something special. You know all husbands expect something unique on their anniversary.. though they always seem to forget to wish on that particular day.

When he left for office, I started the preparation for the romantic candle light dinner. I bought some red roses, scented candles, special gifts for him and for the dinner menu... ummm tried to impress him with his favourite food and thought why not also prepare a hot choco lava cake for dessert.

In a place like Mumbai, one can imagine how small a kitchen is, and so I placed my tablet on the window's railing next to the stove so that I could view the recipe properly and started preparing the choco lava cake. I prepared the batter and kept it to bake and for the garnishing started melting  chocolate. Everything was ready on time. Kept everything ready but forgot to remove the tablet which I placed in the kitchen.

(That's Me in my Kitchen)

DING DONG..the door bell rang!! My hubby had returned from his office. With excitment ran to invite him..The moment I opened the door, all of a sudden something happened, a loud noise was heard from the Kitchen. We both ran to the the kitchen. Guess what? Entire kitchen wall was full of chocolate... for a second I was like.. Oh my God!

I thought I will surprise him with the delicious Choco lava cake, but there was another surprise awaiting for both of us . The tablet was no more. Tablet's Glass shield was broken into pieces and had fallen into the boiling water with the coating of chocolate. The entire kitchen was in a mess. Our anniversary night had become a nightmare for us. And that night went in cleaning up the entire kitchen.
This was my mis-adventure with my Tablet. Later he had to buy an another with no other choice.

Better way with Lenova

When I read the review of the Lenova. I was very impressed as it is very easy to use and its battery life of upto 18 hrs is much better than most in the market. The different modes of the tablet seems very ergonomical and useful.


I would like to narrate my personal experience, about my daughter who is just 2 1/2 yrs old but can still use the pad much better than myself. She is pretty good at the educational games and can maneuver through the pad with ease, except that holding it is uncomfortable for her and she needs to keep on re-positioning herself while using it.
(My daughter playing her games)
Drawbacks with the existing one
  • Whenever she tries to hold, it slips due to its weight
  • Whenever she tries to keep it at a tilt, it falls down. In order to make it stand she needs to support it against the wall and hence she is confined to the edges of the room or next to the furniture
  • Everytime it needs to be charged as the battery runs low pretty soon.
With Lenova, all the above drawbacks take a back seat. After reading about Yoga Tablet, I have picturised my daughter having a Better-way and having more fun with it.

Lenova Yoga Tablet - Friendly One, Use it however you wish to.

Stand Mode - Enjoying her favourite cartoons, no need to look for a support.
 Hold Mode - My little angel watching her favourite songs and dancing managing it in her hand
Tilt Mode - Its the best mode for her to tap and play her games.

 And I think the same applies to my husband as well... :)

According to me, an Ideal Tablet would be one which has -
  • User friendly
  • Lite weight - shouldn't be too heavy
  • Within budget and economical
  • Easy modes for viewing
  • Latest technology
  • Water resistant and durable
  • Good battery life
  • Good Front and back camera 

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