Monday, December 23, 2013

My Amazing Dove "MAD" Experience

Dove Guessing Game with my best friend

After my marriage I got shifted to Mumbai.. Till my baby was born my only best friend was my husband. But now my baby is my everything - my best friend, my mamma, my granny. We do lot of things during the day. We play, sing, dance - do everything possible together.

My Tiny little best friend is just 2 1/2yrs but she's more fasinated about fashion - loves standing in front of the mirror and dressing up. Though she doesn't have much hair she tries to act like her Mamma. When I put nail polish, she is always ready with her princess chair waiting for her turn. I love photography and she loves it too.

Here is a pic of her, trying her photographic skills with Dove.
Sharing the best pic taken by my daughter
My experience with my daughter is the craziest thing that has happened to me. To be a child with her, reminds me of my childhood days. Singing all her favourite rhymes has become my favourite pasttime, while giving her bath - playing in the water, splashing around... its a feeling just out of the world.

Sometimes she becomes my Mamma and tells me if you dont eat then I will give it to "crowee"... ha ha ha

This relationship between us is irreplaceable. When I'm feeling sad and my husband is not around, she is always there to console me. Her words "Rhea is there naa.." Cute at the same time so mature.

Craziest thing which we did recently is running on the beach and collecting handful of sea-shells and pebbles and making castle for her two ducklings and my poor husband had to carry the baggage while we were having fun...:)

I thought why not try the Dove test with my best friend who I laugh, play, have fun with - My little daughter. She will be the best one to judge. She didn't want the ribbon to be tied but instead I had to wear it and she took the Dove soap.. and started giving me a "bathu bathu".

After making me wash my face she actually complimented me saying "Mamma your skin is so soft". It was an instant and innocent remark.

 (As there was a problem in uploading the video, I uploaded using "Insert image" that made a png file)

This entry is for the contest Guessing game with my friend #DoveFaceTest


dipali sharma said...

very well written post Rekha ...All the best for the contest :)

Canary said...

Awww your daughter is very cute Rekha..
All the best for the contest :)

Ragini Puri said...

Very heartwarming post Rekha! And your daughter is so cute! :)