Monday, December 23, 2013

Gift for my Daughter

Being a mother, first thing which comes to my mind when I think about my daughter is how I can secure her future.

My daughter is just 2 1/2yrs old but when I ask her what do you want she says I want I-phone. Now itself the demand is so high, then what about in future.

If I become santa and get a chance to gift her 5 things which can secure her future, then I would gift her
  • Education plan from a reputed Insurance company which promises and helps my daughter's education.
  • 2 houses - one for her to stay and the other for renting purpose ( rent money can be used for her needs)
  • Youngstar plan which helps my daughter's need
  • Fixed deposits and "N" number of Jewellery which helps during her marriage
  • Make some property where monthly income can be generated without much hassle.
Most of all, I would take a Insurance plan for myself - If anything happens to me, atleast that money can be of financial help for her future.

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