Friday, December 6, 2013

Making women to be stronger

Spark a change - Crime against women

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Giving education, motivating women, making them believe in themselves, fighting for their rights - All are trying their level best to motivate women but when will she actually get the freedom to live.

I would like to bring out one thing which is most important in this society - Crime against women.
Everyday in the newspaper there are hunderds of stories about women being raped, eve-teasing, assaulted, abortion, murdered for dowry. Enough is enough. How can we bring in change in the system. There are so many laws for these kinds of situations and many campaigns are being run for the justice and to safe guard women in all kinds of situations.

Earlier, elders used to say girls can't step out of their house during the night but now-a-days going out during the day is also a scary situation for a woman.

When you talk about a solution for the issue... Its like a black hole with no end. People need to stop THINK 'ing and start ACT 'ing!!!

According to me, there is only one solution which will be a effective in the long run and yes it will bring about a positive impact on society.

You cannot change a person's thought but bringing awareness and educating Men right from their younger days will bring about a difference. Kids should be taught right from a tender age to respect all people and treat others as they treat themselves. Ideas of a male driven scociety and only men being the bread winner of the family should be discouraged. Now-a-days women are at par with men.

This might be not be work instantly but as it is written time and patience mends broken chords.

Instant solution for the moment
  • Women should be guided to safeguard herselves ( karate or self defence).
  • When women stands for herselves thats when she gets the victory. The more she gets scared, more pain she has to go through.
  • Seek Law of justice.
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